Saturday, December 13, 2014

Frozen Anna Hat

Frozen - Anna Princess Hat

Available on Etsy for the first time from Precious Yarn are two adorable Frozen inspired Princess Hats. A limited amount available before Christmas. There are two hats left. Sizes include small to medium for children ages 5-10 years or for head sizes ranging from 20"- 22".  The cost of the Anna hats includes FREE shipping for a limited time only.

Also available before Christmas is a knitted FROZEN inspired beanie. The hat available is the knitted beanie (right hat in photo below). Any requests or orders for the Anna braids hat will be made to order.
Two knitted beanies without hair are available before Christmas. Sizes include medium and large.
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Sara Kristoffersen said...

I love using merino wool yarns for knitting! They're soft, warm, and perfect for cozy winter projects.

Amalie Martinsen said...

Wearing a knitted lightweight beanie is like having a cozy hug for your head. It's amazing how something so lightweight can provide just the right amount of warmth and comfort.